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Lowest possible hardware cost to host an Oracle Database (EE)

If you need a low cost Dev/Test platform for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition or just a small production deployment with a handful of Database licenses what low cost self hosted hardware options are out there? You have probably already decided using a cloud service is not for you, your data includes financial or customer data do [...]

Fujitsu M10-1 Server new low price for premium CPU.

Do you need a server which supports Solaris 10 & 11  SPARC and you are on a budget?  Oracle have just re-priced the Fujitsu M10-1 Server to provide even more value, fitted with the premium SPARC64 X+ 16-core 3.2 GHz processor instead of the SPARC64 X 16-core 2.8 GHz. The Fujitsu M10-1 provides between two and [...]

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T7-1 SPARC Server – single socket back in T-series servers

The new T7 SPARC single socket servers are now out . The new addition is the T7-1 which might be thought of as the spiritual successor to the older T4-1 which has recently been made end of life. There never was a T5-1, Oracle chose to offer a T5-2 with the 2nd CPU removed instead. The [...]

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Low cost Solaris SPARC Dev/Test Server

You’re running SPARC T5-2 UNIX servers and want some separate lower cost servers for Dev/Test, what do you do? Buying more T5-2’s may not be in the budget and even a T5-2 single socket comes in with a minimum configuration price of nearly €28K plus support. The easy answer is buy an entry level Fujitsu [...]

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Link Aggregation across two switches in Solaris 11

Oracle Solaris supports the organization of network interfaces into link aggregations. A link aggregation consists of several interfaces on a system that are configured together as a single, logical unit. Link aggregation, also referred to as trunking, is defined in the IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Standard. When connecting through a switch that switch must support [...]

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