Do you need to purchase Oracle JAVA licenses? To be completely sure check out Oracle FAQ’s at the following URL

If you have decided, you require licenses for your deployment here is how to calculate costs.


Commercial use of JAVA on a desktop is per user of that desktop. If there is one user it is one license, if there are five users on that desktop it is a five seat license subscription.

The cost is €26.94 per user for a 12-month Oracle Java SE Desktop Subscription. Multiyear subscriptions are available.


Commercial use of JAVA on a server is by a processor metric. The cost is €269.43 per processor for a 12-month Oracle Java SE Subscription processor.

  • All processors in a physical system count for licensing regardless of any virtualisation technology.
  • The metric is a processor not CPU socket
  • Where there are multiple systems in a cluster, all need licensing if they are going to be using JAVA.
  • There is a 0.5 multiplier on this processor metric.

Example: An x86 Server with two 18-Core CPU’s = 36 processors. With the 0.5 multiplier that comes to 18 Processor Java SE Subscription. Cost per year is therefore 18 * €269.43 = €4,949.74.


These subscriptions are non-discountable unless the quantity is in excess of 1000 licenses for desktops and 100 for servers. Prices correct as of 31/10/2019.

Give me a call or email for configurations and options.