Take one or more of your old SPARC Solaris 10 Servers and give them a new lease of life on a modern SPARC S7-2L server running Solaris 11. You can host multiple Solaris 10 systems on one 2U server complete with processing, memory, storage and networking.

Get rid of your old SAN or Direct Attach Storage connection and decommission them saving power, cooling and associated hosting and vendor support costs. If you have to keep some of your older Solaris 10 SPARC systems then this is the cost effective way to do it.

The S7-2L server supports twenty-six conventional SAS disks and up to 25TB of NVMe as standard. Networking is well covered with four 10 GbE Ethernet ports and with six PCIe slots networking can be expanded as required to host multiple Solaris 10 systems, each with their own dedicated physical network ports.

Solaris 11 will be supported by Oracle until at least 2034 giving you peace of mind of a supported OS to reliably host your legacy Solaris 10 systems.