Oracle are running a promo until May 20th, 2020 to provide massive value on the StorageTek SL150 Tape Library upgrades. This is only open to existing owners of the SL150 Tape Library and includes three primary components: LTO-8 and LTO-7 Drives and the 30-slot expansion unit.

Fact #1: 12TB Capacity

Oracle’s LTO-8 offers 10x more capacity than LTO-5, enabling you to archive 900TB in a base SL150 unit and up 13.5PB of compressed data in a full 450 slots SL150 Tape library, making archiving available to even small and mid-size organisations.

Fact #2: 300 MB/Sec Uncompressed Throughput

Today’s LTO-8 tapes offer the industry’s highest capacity, and up 32.4 TB/hour native throughput in a full SL150 Tape library (with 30x LTO-8).

Fact #3: 30 Year Media Life

With low bit-error rates and long media life, you can maintain your archive with fewer upgrades. Today, you can consolidate all your data to the newest LTO-8 technology.

Fact #4: Longer life cycle

By leveraging the high capacity of the LTO-8 you can increase the performance and the capacity of your SL150 Tape Library and therefore extend its life cycles while supporting data growth and new workloads.


  • Q: Do I have to buy drives, can I just purchase expansion slots?
  • A: You can just buy expansion chassis which come in 30 slot increments, just drives or both.


  • Q: Do I need to buy more power supplies?
  • A: Not necessarily, expansion chassis do not require any power unless they have a drive fitted.


  • Q: Do I have to remove my older drives in this promo or can I keep them in my library?
  • A: Totally up to you, you can mix and match. As long as you have spare drive slots with power you can just add the new drives.


  • Q: Do I need to upgrade the firmware on my library to support the new drives?
  • A: Possibly, but not to worry, it is an easy operation, you will require 3.55 code or later to use LTO7 & 8 drives, just download from your My Oracle Support account.

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