You have decided on a SPARC/Solaris Architecture and would love a SuperCluster but your workload doesn’t warrant that level of investment. Enter the MiniCluster S7-2.  This S7 SPARC Server based Engineered System runs your database and applications. If it tumns on Solaris for SPARC your application will feel at home here.

Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 is an extremely simple and efficient hardware and software system designed to run enterprise databases and applications with uncompromising security. The Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 Virtual Assistant enables users to configure, patch, tune, and secure the system with no special training and with minimal effort. The system integrates and automates hundreds of security controls by default and incorporates fully redundant, high-performance shared flash storage and active/active electrically isolated compute nodes with redundant network connectivity for a highly available architecture.

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