Two four socket servers in a single 5U chassis!

The new Oracle 8-Socket Server X7-8 can be configured as a single 4-socket server, a single 8-socket server OR two isolated 4-socket servers. You need to use the Intel® Xeon Platinum 8160 24 core 2.1GHz or Intel® Xeon Platinum 8168 24 core 2.7GHz CPU to achieve an 8-socket single server but can mix GOLD & Platinum CPU’s when creating dual 4-socket server configurations.

The Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) PCIe technology allows the use of eight 6.4TB of NVMe drives and connectivity is abound with sixteen PCIe slots. 6TB of DRAM is supported in the 8-socket configuration and 3TB in the 4-socket configurations.

Oracle Database Usage?

Oracle still offer a variant with a high frequency Intel® Xeon GOLD 6128 6-Core 3.4GHz CPU. This CPU will help those with CPU bound Oracle licensing to get good performance for a minimal amount of cores, useful when using Linux. Minimum Enterprise Edition Database licenses would be twelve when using Linux on this server in a 4-socket configuration. If using Solaris x86, free of charge Solaris container technology can act as an acceptable boundary for Oracle Database licensing purposes giving you free choice on any CPU type and the choice to use a minimum of one Oracle Database Enterprise Edition license and using just two CPU cores.


This not a generic server, Oracle owns 100 percent of the X7-8 server design and controls 100 percent of the supply chain and firmware source code. Motherboard, BIOS, and service processor firmware designed 100 percent by Oracle engineers and the entire manufacturing process controlled by Oracle.

Operating Systems

These servers support multiple OS’s running either Oracle Solaris 11.3, Oracle Linux 6.9 & 7.3 and Oracle Virtual Machine 3.4.4.

Questions or Configurations?

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