The Ultra low cost StorageTek SL150 Library (1-20 drive/ 30-300 slots) now supports IBM LTO-7 HH drives. LTO 7 drives have the ability to write 6.0 TB of native data to one LTO 7 cartridge. The increase in capacity with LTO 7 equates to a 2.4X improvement over LTO 6 and a 4x enhancement over LTO 5.  LTO 7 drive performance is up to 300 MB/sec (uncompressed), compared to 160MB/s of LTO 6

This brings three maximum (native, uncompressed) capacity sizes to the SL150 Tape Library, 450TB, 750TB and 1.8PB with LTO5, LTO6 & LTO 7 drives respectively. Drives can be mixed and matched in the same library and all LTO drives are capable of reading three generations of media and writing to two.

Example Pricing for large capacity system: Single LTO5 Drive/300 slots, five year Oracle Premier Support = €13.5K installed. Same with LTO7 €15.5K, with expansion for 19 more drives.