********* Now SOLD ********

Demo unit for sale

Our “All Flash” Oracle Database Appliance from Oracle, the – X6-2S has served its demo purpose and now is the time to sell it off. This unit will make a fine Database Server and is in perfect condition. It will be fully boxed in the original packaging with the standard rack rail kits.

Will be “As New”

Before we sell on we will reimage the Oracle Database Appliance to either a “factory fresh” state (you are then required to download and install the appliance images) or we will image it with the very latest appliance software, ready for you to deploy the unit. This second option will see your appliance up and running within about 45-50 minutes ready for database creation.

All of the underlying OS, disk layout and database software will be preconfigured with no design work from yourself. You can run the Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition of the Oracle Database.


  • X6-2S – 1*10 Core CPU, 128GB mem, 6.4TB NVMe database storage, 960GB SSD for OS and Software.

If your store RMAN’s externally you will have 2.4TB of NVME storage for your database files and 0.6TB for RECO. Read IOPS 240K, Write 120K, Read bandwidth 2.5GB/Sec and Write 1.5GB/Sec.

Drop over to our partner company site for more detail on the ODA itself, http://www.vertice.ie/ODA


This is an official Oracle Demo Appliance and as such the license is transferable to a purchaser and the system qualifies for Oracle Premier Support. This server has minimal on-time due to the nature of its use, it is as new at a very large discount, it is less tha a year old.

  • List Price with 1 Year Oracle Premier Support – €17,541 + VAT.
  • Our Demo Model with 1 Year Oracle Premier Support 70% off! €5,262.30 + VAT.
  • Free delivery 32 Counties, rack install and setup on your network optional, €300 + VAT.

Mail terry.cox@synoptix.ie for full details or call 087 643 4906 to discuss this Oracle Database Appliance (1 only).